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Welcome to Cuckmere Corrections, a digital proofreading and editing service. 

We are a small Sussex-based company, named after the little River Cuckmere (pronounced 'Cookmere') that meanders its way from leafy Heathfield to the famous Seven Sisters cliffs at
 Cuckmere Haven

Although home-grown in East Sussex, we have many satisfied clients around the world thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Recent projects range from magazine articles and blog posts to web copy, business reports and eBooks. Please take a look at the testimonials further down the page.

Do you need a proofreader - or an editor?

Proofreading is the last check of your document once the text has been finalised, correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. This may be all you need if you are happy with your wording and simply want to avoid any embarrassing or costly mistakes.

Copy-editing also corrects spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors but goes further. It looks for style issues, suitability for your intended audience, repetition, wordiness and inconsistencies. A copy-editor breaks down long sentences and paragraphs to improve readability and suggests other improvements to the text.

Editing, including developmental or substantive editing, is one of the earliest stages; it often involves a major overhaul of your document to rewrite and reorganise the text.


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Not sure? Please get in touch to discuss your project; send a sample of your text for a free quote and advice. Everyone’s project is different, so our rates are flexible.

Rest assured – we handle every assignment in confidence.

Please note we only work with digital files, not hard copies (paper files).



About us

Cuckmere Corrections is the trading name of Jill Boniface. Jill has been a freelance editor and proofreader since 2011, after many years in various roles correcting other people’s spelling mistakes. She recently moved back to Heathfield after several years on the south coast.

You can see Jill’s profile and work history on Upwork and Elance, as well as LinkedIn.


"Jill has become a trusted advisor and essential part of my coaching business. She does so much more than proofreading my articles, website content and marketing materials. She puts a magic touch on everything I produce that makes it slick, round and professional. I also value her input beyond the technicalities of grammar and style, for example whether my writing needs more emotion or how it could be perceived by readers. Her response and turnaround times are also excellent. Thanks, Jill!"

--Hans Schumann, London

“I really enjoy working with you. I just need to send some assignment over to you and you are always available on the other end. Jill you are indeed reliable and good at what you do.”                
 --Aster3, Dubai

“Jill I sure am fortunate to have you as an editor and friend. I would recommend you with enthusiasm. You do great with the Yankee language. :)”
 --Bob, Oregon

 “Thank you very much for the great and quick work, I really appreciate it. The comments are very clear and it is very interesting to see the difference between the native and the non-native writing. I also hope we can benefit from your expertise and competence in the future projects.”    
--Bahare, Finland

 “Jill this is fantastic. More to come soon. Thank you very much.” 
--Jay, Australia



While every effort will be made to avoid missing errors, any proofreading or editing corrections are suggestions only and should not be taken as exhaustive or legally binding in any way.













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